Because your patients trust you!

from a Patient to a fan!

W&H is turning the Spotlight on dentists and dental professionals,
to give them the recognition they deserve.
Dr.Sue Perstar

Because you always know what to do!

Because your career is your calling!

Because you make
your patients
feel good!


In-Practice Column

Putting the personality into the practice

People often associate the term ‘patient service’ with the very basics like drinks, reading materials and waiting room entertainment. Yet other factors such as personal needs are even more crucial to the success and longevity of the patient relationship – a glimpse through the eyes of the patient.

Recommending and returning – the happy patient

Customer Relation Management (CRM) refers to a quality management system used in business, trade and industry for maintaining customer relationships. It is a strategic approach that can also be adapted for use in the dental practice. After all, if patients are happy, they will come back.

Tip: Here’s how you can turn your waiting room into a comfortable zone

It’s the central hub and linchpin of every practice visit, a link between reception and the treatment room: the waiting room. With good service, you ensure that the room invokes positive associations for your patient and allows them to arrive comfortably and relax.

Come on in, dear new patient

Feeling welcome, gaining confidence and making nothing but positive associations – all this should be a matter of course for new patients. Always bear in mind: perfect new patient management begins BEFORE the actual visit to the practice. read more

Tips for enhancing patient loyalty – “From a patient to a friend”

Prophylaxis is clearly a part of the dental practice with great potential in terms of service. It supports patients in prevention, helps in case of disease and generally contributes to improved health and well-being. Good service means good all-round patient care – from information to education, the actual treatment and beyond. read more

Basic requirements for patient management

Patient management is still a source of difficulty for many practices. After all, this term is often associated exclusively with processes that are part of daily routine anyway: namely appointment scheduling and patient administration. But actually, there is more to it than that. It is worth taking a look at hospitals, where proper patient management forms the basis of standardized and smooth processes.

The practice team as a marketing factor

The most recent study of “Stiftung Gesundheit” (Public Health Foundation) was published at the beginning of this year titled “Ärzte im Zukunftsmarkt Gesundheit” [Doctors in the future health market]. One of the questions asked of the participating doctors was what they considered the most important practice marketing factors. At the top, ranking even above a website or external presentation, they mentioned the practice team. This result emphasizes the importance of the team in the areas of marketing, service and patient satisfaction. However, how can the practice team be supported to become a positive marketing factor?


W&H supports everday heros

W&H’s new image campaign “From a patient to a fan” will be turning a spotlight on dentists and dental professionals. These everyday heroes ensure their patients are in safe and reliable hands whatever the treatment situation. They show great dedication to their work and time and again manage to put a smile on their patients’ faces, simply because they care. Even the smallest of their patients’ difficulties is a major concern. That’s why they are always gaining new fans and succeed again in making their patients happy.

New W&H image campaign

You could describe them as everyday heroes: the dentists and dental professionals who, through their dedication, professional skill or simply a friendly smile, manage to transform a dental appointment into a positive event. They do this simply because they care and want to make sure their patients feel comfortable.